Pokemon Black 2 White 2
The pre-release pics and info is about the new Pokemon games are already everywhere on the internet. The games are as cool as one can hope for.


The story of the games take place 2 years after the Black and White games. Most of Unova has been covered in ice by now and new locations have been introduced.

New Characters

The games introduce 2 new player characters, a rival and even a Professor.

Cheren, Bianca, N and Team Plasma have been confirmed to appear in the new games. Gym Leaders, Champions and other characters from the previous games are also going to appear in the World Championships.

New Gymleaders

The game also introduces new Gym leaders in new cities. Burgh, Elesa, Clay, Skyla and Drayden return as gymleaders.


  • This is the first time in a main series game that the player's hometown is a city and not a town.
  • Introduces the only Poison-type Gymleader not from Kanto.

Additional Notes

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