Duncun: Rick?

Rick: Duncun?!!

Duncun: Oh yes, I managed to catch up with you!

Rick: What's the matter?

Duncun: Hey, meet my Chikorita!

Rick: Oh, meet my Cyndaquil.

Chikorita: Chiko!

Cynaquil: Cynda!

Duncun: They're both cute.

Rick: Yeah!

Duncun:wanna battle me


Duncun:Go chikorita!!!

Rick :Go cyndaquil



Rick:I wild one Duncun can i catch it please!

Duncun:Go for it bro

Rick: Go Cynaquil


Rick:Go pokeball

One,two and Three

Duncun:Rick u got it

Rick:Well yes we gotta hurruyor cynaquil and chikorita will e hurted

Duncun:Oh yes hurry!!

Next ChapterEdit

The Saviur Nurse Joy

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