Rick: A bright morning, a bright start!

Cyndaquil: Cynda!

Sam: Come on you Beedril, Pidgey and Starmie, give ur best.

Dean: You don't stand a chance against me.

Sam: I lost, ur Rattatas are good

Rick: I wanna battle you too.

Dean: It will be one on one match.

Sam: First me, bro.

Rick: OK.

Dean: I will be the referee.

Sam: Go Pidgey!!

Rick: Cyndaquil, Go!

Rick: Tackle!

Sam: Dodge!

Cynaquil hits Pidgey hard.

Sam: Oh no!

Rick: Again!

Sam: Fly!

Pidgey tries to Fly too late and was hit by Cyndaquil very hard, knocking it down.

Dean: Pidgey is not able to battle. The winner is Rick.

Rick: Oh yes! First match, first win.

Dean: Are u ready to face my Rattata 1? Sorry Rattata 2 and 3, we have a tough customer here.

Sam: Go for it. I will be reffing.

Dean: Go Rattata!

Rick: Go Cyndaquil!

Dean: Tackle!

Rick: Tackle!

Both had a hard hit and fall back to the ground.

Dean: Rattata! QUICK ATTACK! Finish it!

Rick: Use your new move, Growl!

Cyndaquil shouts which slows Rattata's Quick Attack.

Rick: Tackle it hard!

Dean: Come on Rattata!

Sam: It is all over, Cyndaquil wins. Here's my number, and Dean's.

Dean: You were awesome! Bye, see you in Johto League.

Rick: Me too

Rick heads towards Cherrygrove City.

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The Static Showdown.