So guys, since this all about Beyblade, Pokemon and Digimon, the first thing I need to know is which of the three do you like best and what is your least favorite.

NOTE: If anybody says in the comments I hate all three so (@$)@ to you. 1. Why are you even here? 2. What the heck do you want to do, troll? 3. Go troll somplace else, thank you. *walks off stand* :P


Are you a blader? Then register here. Guys dont go for the logo, bladers from both the Plastic and Metal generations are allowed.
  • Duncan Ravenclaw
  • trent8513 (this is my 2ed fav)
  • Miranda Blue (1st)
  • 4everNura (1st fav)
  • Asansol blaze (1st fav)
  • Pinklilac
  • Blade0886(ex-aequo with Digimon)
  • Gingka and Co. (1st best)
  • Bananas_123 (1st Fav)
  • Titi and Co (1st fav)
  • HellKerbex
  • Camoclone
  • oishij123
  • Sonicballzx( 2nd fav)
  • TsubasaDeathDove (1st fav)
  • lilaclily3
  • Nile and Co.:
  • Gintama Anbu



Do you love Digimon above all others, do you wanna go to the digimon world, then put your name here. Also don't let this logo fool you because ALL digidestned no matter what season you liked are allowed to put your name here.
  • Duncan Ravenclaw
  • trent8513(knew it the longest this one is first :D)
  • Miranda Blue (2nd best)
  • 4everNura
  • Blade0886(ex-aequo with Beyblade)
  • Gingka and Co. (3rd fav)
  • Bananas_123 (3rd Fav)
  • Titi and Co (3rd Fav)
  • Sonicballzx (3rd fav)
  • lilaclily3
  • Gintama Anbu


Pokemon Logo
Are you Pokemon crazy?? If yes then add your name down here:
  • Duncan Ravenclaw
  • trent8513(never really liked it till now but still a great franchise)
  • Miranda Blue (thats 3rd on the list)
  • 4everNura
  • Pinklilac
  • Blade0886(my least favourite)
  • Gingka and Co. (2nd fav)
  • Bananas_123 (2nd Fav)
  • Titi and Co (2nd Fav)
  • oishij123
  • Sonicballzx (1st favorite)
  • lilaclily3
  • Gintama Anbu
  • benbolt504 (ben here btw,i've always loved Pokemon!)