Can Minccino be the next in line after Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Marill?


Pikachu had an evolution in the same generation as it and a pre evolution in the very next one. It evolved using a stone and its evolution Raichu can not learn any move by leveling up.


Marill has got an evolution in Johto and a pre evo in the very next generation, so it fills in. It was probably not one of these pokemon untill HGSS when it was given to Lyra/Ethan in the game.


Evolves using a stone, Wigglytuff cant learn any move by leveling up, and Igglybluff was introduced in Johto, so its got the same background as Pikachu.


If my prediction is right Minccinno might have a pre-evolution in the next generation as Minccinno evolves with a stone, Cinncinno can not learn any moves by leveling up and it is owned by Prof. Juniper.

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