Okay fellas, another long delay. But your April issue of BDP Monthly is finally here!

What's new this April

Beyblade: A new series appered, Metal Fight Beyblade Zero G with some new bladers and our old favorites.
Zero g 2

Metal Fight Beyblade Zero G,the brand new series of Beyblade

Pokemon: New Pokemon game Pokemon Unova II.

So we had our BDPoll for April and the voting was open the whole March, here are the winners! Vote for the next month's poll on the main page.

Blader of the Month

Tyson Granger

Tyson Granger is the main protagonist of the original Beyblade series. He is the owner of Dragoon. He is the #1 Blader in the world. He likes to take risks in battle and sometimes he is a bit cocky but he is a skillful blader.

Digimon of the Month


Pokemon of the Month


Piplup is a Penguin Pokemon available to new trainers in Sinnoh as the Water-Type starter. It evolves into Prinplup.

Quote of the Month

(From Digimon)

Takeru "T.K." Takashi: When you can't think of anything to say, do you always resort to fighting?

Ken: I guess...

T.K.: That's your problem. You don't know when to talk and when to fight. Now's a good time to talk... on the other hand... it's also a good time to fight.